Pre-Construction Services are the single most important planning tool – and an essential process – that are implemented to assure that all of the inherent variables are introduced, discussed, considered and evaluated, including budget, materials, specifications, constructability, sequencing, staging, and contracting.Pre-Construction Services integrate all the team members representing the Owner – design professionals, engineers, and contractors – to fully incorporate the project goals into each team member’s plan, preparing the construction process for efficient completion within the project’s budget, schedule and quality requirements.

Pre-Construction Services provide:

  • Budget Analysis
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Means and Methods Reviews
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Logistic Determinations

Key components of Pre-Construction Services are value and cost engineering, where alternatives of comparable materials, equipment and processes are assessed to obtain the highest function for the lowest cost while optimizing the schedule. coupling the recent advancements in graphics technology with proper diligence and planning, a project can be built virtually long before construction ever begins, effectively reducing expensive, time-consuming issues.

Construction Consulting provides the key resource of experience to assess, review, evaluate, price and recommend the most suitable use for any construction project or real estate investment opportunity or project. Construction Consulting affords the Property Owner the best overall value as it relates to any part of the construction process because specific expertise is available when required without any long-term commitment by the Property Owner.

Construction Consulting is most frequently used to:

  • Review a site prior to purchase to determine value, constructability, potential hidden risks, construction cost estimates and impact
  • Review Architectural services by detailed comparative analysis
  • Provide a wide array of technical support and direction needed to make good business decisions for any construction-related activity.