As one of six winners of the first annual Fantini Design Awards, Centaur Interiors was awarded a trip to Italy for an exclusive look at the Italian design factory’s new hotel, Casa Fantini Lake Time. The sleek design of the Fantini brand was apparent inside and outside of this boutique hotel. The pristine landscape and exquisite architecture welcomes you in, and the interiors were sophisticated and serene. CI designer Jennifer Aubry received an exclusive tour of the factory and showroom, where she and the other award winners had a behind-the-scenes look at how Fantini creates their luxury products. Thanks to the Fantini team for such a unique and inspiring experience!

Photos by Elisa Piemontesi and Lorenzo Lucca – Plume

“When Fantini announced they were hosting their first annual Design Awards, we knew exactly which project we wanted to submit. The aesthetic and quality of Fantini products are a perfect fit for this Gold Coast residence and with Centaur Interiors’ brand. The luxury design of their fixtures are great accents to our meticulous attention to detail.”