This renovation opportunity was brought to us by one of our primary partners and collaborators, nuHaus. Our team identified a need for more visual layers and dimension. We accomplished this through the use of complex finishes while maintaining a clean lined and sophisticated palate. Lighting was extremely critical to compliment all of the details while showcasing amazing views of the city which are central to this design. Several millwork, stone, tile, and metal finishes flow seamlessly into each area which are complimented by the custom finished 7” wide grey oak Boardhouse wood floors. The integration of home automation and re-engineering of mechanical systems played a significant role in keeping the architecture clean and the emphasis on the finishes.

The fireplace became a focal wall which provided an opportunity to expand the space with mirrors to reflect the intimate view of the park. We also incorporated specialty mosaic tile and high-gloss lacquer cabinetry to complete the look with elements of both style and function.