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Emil García is the Design Associate for Centaur Interiors. He makes sure our construction documents are in order and accurate. Brings new ideas and solutions to the drafting table and presents our clients with innovative solutions for their interior spaces. Also, as part of his routine, he is in charge of improving the relationship with our vendors and suppliers, source innovative and unique design elements to incorporate in our projects and exceed our clients’ expectations. Emil manages everyday tasks that make our projects successful and the information flow from the office to the construction site smooth.

Emil has received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Architecture. His experience includes Exhibit Design for Museums and Interior Architecture. He lives in every detail of his projects to bring our clients vision to life and discover unique solutions to design challenges.

His passion for design really drives everything he does professionally and personally. Arts, architecture, music, fashion are among his interests. Travelling is his go to activity when he has time off. Going off the beaten path, seeing places and countries that are new to his eyes while learning their culture and immersing in it as much as possible. The waterfront is a familiar childhood reference for Emil. He also likes wandering the galleries at the Art Institute, of which he is a member. Attending talks, exhibits and observing pieces of art, drawings or objects is what inspires and relaxes him.