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EVENT – A Revolutionary Way to View Fine Art

Join Centaur Interiors and Samuel Lynne Galleries to Discover the Art of Digital and the exclusive unveiling of apollo

Saturday, December 14th

5:00pm – 8:00pm

Samuel Lynne Galleries

1105 Dragon St. Dallas TX 75207

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apollo artist Tyler Shields will
be in Dallas for the reception.

View brand new work and innovative customized content, created exclusively for apollo.

Centaur Interiors & Samuel Lynne Galleries introduce you to apollo,
a new innovative way to display & view fine art on a digital medium.

Centaur Interiors has partnered with Samuel Lynne Galleries to launch an exciting new venture. Together, we bring you the new digital art Experience Center located within Samuel Lynne Galleries called apollo.

apollo is comprised of a team of high-end interior designers, developers, technical engineers, world renowned artists, and a predominant fine art gallery for the ultimate visual experience. Our team of experts integrate cutting edge design and technology to revolutionize the art world and to truly customize and curate custom art experiences with apollo displays.

Be the first to discover the
apollo digital experience center!

Private viewings can be scheduled December 13th and 14th
by appointment. Email