Centaur Interiors has created an innovative product to address the growing demand for custom designed homes in the Chicago condominium market. Centaur Interiors has utilized their expertise, knowledge of the industry and passion to progress into Customized Residential Development known as THE COLLECTION.

In this model, we purchase unique units that we are able to transform into a top drawer residential experience. We provide a move-in ready home that can be customized to exceed the expectations of our clients and their lifestyle.

The Customized Residential Model provides numerous advantages:

  • THE COLLECTION properties are carefully selected to provide the best in location, property quality, and long term amenities
  • Eliminate the need for the client to hire and manage a contractor, architect, and designer to renovate the property to meet their needs
  • Streamline the construction schedule and timeframe
  • Minimize carrying and friction cost by eliminating purchase, construction, and customization delays while providing enhanced quality of life for Centaur Interiors clients
  • Layout and design performed by top industry professionals featuring latest products and innovation

Centaur Interiors builds with precision and incorporates the finest materials, fixtures and technology. We provide the client the ability to adapt and customize the residence and expand to a state of the art “smart home”. Centaur Interiors ensures that the transition into the newly renovated home is effortless for the client, including training, move-in assistance, and maintenance. In addition, we provide the most robust warranty in the industry.

THE COLLECTION is the finest home ownership experience available.